Training personal robots using natural language instruction

TitleTraining personal robots using natural language instruction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsLauria, S., G. Bugmann, T. Kyriacou, J. Bos, and A. Klein
JournalIntelligent Systems, IEEE
Pagination38 - 45
Date Published2001///
ISBN Number1541-1672
Keywordsadaptivity, domestic robots, dynamic environment, intelligent robots, learning (artificial intelligence), mobile robots, natural language instruction, natural language interfaces, path planning, personal robots, robot programming, speech based user interfaces, speech recognition, speech-based user interfaces, uninitiated users, vision-based robot

As domestic robots become pervasive, uninitiated users will need a way to instruct them to adapt to their particular needs. The authors are designing a practical system that uses natural language to instruct a vision-based robot.