Use of a cellular phone in mobile robot voice control

TitleUse of a cellular phone in mobile robot voice control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKubik, T., and M. Sugisaka
Conference NameSICE 2001. Proceedings of the 40th SICE Annual Conference. International Session Papers
Date Published2001///
Keywordscellular phone, cellular radio, control commands, mobile robot voice control, mobile robots, natural language interfaces, received sound quality, speech recognition, speech recognition capability, speech recognition methods, speech recognition software, speech-based user interfaces

The paper concerns the possibility of using cellular phones for mobile robot control, assuming that control commands are spoken in a natural way. To understand voice commands, the robot has to have speech recognition capability. A short review of speech recognition methods and available speech recognition software is given. In addition, aspects of speech recognition connected with natural language interfaces for robot control are discussed. As an example a real mobile robot system is presented. In this system voice communication is realized using a computer, with a cellular phone attached via modem and sound cards. Because the process of speech recognition depends on received sound quality, a comparison of voice commands transmitted via different cellular phones was performed. The paper includes the results of this comparison