A Natural Language-Based Interface for Querying a Video Database

TitleA Natural Language-Based Interface for Querying a Video Database
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKucuktunc, O., U. Gudukbay, and O. Ulusoy
JournalMultimedia, IEEE
Pagination83 - 89
Date Published2007///
ISBN Number1070-986X
Keywordsand natural language querying, BilVideo database system, natural language interfaces, natural language processing, natural language-based interface, NLP, part-of-speech tagging algorithm, POS, query processing, spatiotemporal semantic low-level feature queries, Video database, video database querying, video database system, video databases

The authors developed a video database system called BilVideo that provides integrated support for spatiotemporal, semantic, and low-level feature queries. As a further development for this system, the authors present a natural language processing-based interface that lets users formulate queries in English and discuss the advantage of using such an interface