Dictionary of Skills and Competences


In this page you can assemble a part of your CV in a "controlled language".
You can formulate sentences regarding your language skills and ...

Autocomplete will display a list of possible sentence fragments based on your input.

The demo demonstrates two possibilities:

  • Using predictive text input to form sentences to be added to a CV section
  • Extending a vocabulary of a language from a database source (the dictionary in this case)

What this demo is capable of

The demo contains two grammars for Europass CV building. One is for "Personal skills and competences / Social skills and competences", the other works selecting the "Personal skills and competences / Mother tongue(s)" section. No other sections or profilers will work.

Both grammars are very basic. They contain only some simple structures, but they "import" their vocabulary from the thesaurus: language names and social skills. This way the list of hints could grow very fast.